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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 7, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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motor indicate procession is underway for the two santa cruz police officers killed by a gunman. thousands of people are expected to line the route and pay their final respects. abc7 news report cornell bernard is live at the boardwalk. cornell? >> preparations are underway to say goodbye to local heroes in santa cruz. it begins here at the obvious beach boardwalk where a police motorcade procession will begin at 8:45 for the public memorial in san jose. as you can see the sheriff deputies are gathering here and the motorcade is expected to be more than a mile long. a tribute to detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and elizabeth butler killed in the line of duty on february 26 by an armed suspect. the officers' flagged drape cassettes were part of a public viewing with hundreds of mourners coming to pay their respects and the officers who protected and served their community for years.
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>> our first time the local officers have been killed. it is tell. >> i am here to pay respects and it is good thing that people will come down here and support the local police officers. >> public viewing sites are here to view the memorial. kaiser permanente will open at 10:00 a.m. showing the service rise and parking at depot park will be freed. santa cruz fire departments will be staging their hook-and-ladder trucks along all overpasses between santa cruz and san jose. mostly on highway 17 and on highway 85. it should be a moving sight. >> cornell, thank you. the memorial service will be hell at h.p. pavilion in san jose because of a large crowd of
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people expected to attend. this is a live look outside the pavilion where they were preparing for the service. several dignitaries will attend including governor brown, state attorney general harris and former defense attorney panetta. they depart from santa cruz to the h.p. pavilion at 8:45 arriving between 10:30 and 11:00. guests are scheduled to arrive between 11:00 and 12:00. >> hundreds. take part in the motor indicate with vehicles from fire, police, and emergency responders and criminal justice agencies of obvious county. the procession begins at 8:45 at 3rd street and run north on riverside and over to ocean street and it will follow ocean up to highway 17. >> through the santa cruz
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mountains to san jose, the procession will then travel along highway 85 east to 87 north and it will exit and head over to automatic street and finally into h.p. pavilion. if you plan to attend, you are advised to car pool or use public transportation. the city of santa cruz is offering free metro bus vouchers for the highway 17 express bus. they are available to those with no other way to the service. caltrain is offering free service to the memorial for all members of law enforcement. there is a caltrain stop across the street from h.p. pavilion. well carry the service live from h.p. pavilion on abc7 news today starting at midday at 11:00 on our news. we will stream it at >> memorial bracelets are available to the public in honor of the fallen officers. each bracelet has a tag with an engraving of sergeant i baker and detective butler's badge
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numbers at $15 each. a portion of the proceeds are coe natured to the memorial fund. go to our website to purchase a bracelet. click on oh sigh it on tv i." >> this morning, investigators are working to find out why a lion killed an intern at an exotic animal park and why the young woman was even in the big cat'sen closure. kira klapper has new information from the newsroom. >> we learned the victim, 24-year-old, was just two months into an internship at the sanctuary. she was mailed by a lion yesterday. we have part of the 9-1-1 call that followed the death of the intern and the lion. >> animal is contained to the enclosure. the lion has been taken care of. >> police say around 12:30 she was attacked by the
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four-year-old african lion. another park worker tried to distract the cat as it mauled her but nothing worked. responding sheriff deputies found her severely injured and they had to shoot the animal in order to reach the woman. but she died at the scene. her father spoke with use over the phone and wonder idea his daughter was in the end closure in the first place, something investigators want to know, as well. >> how she ever got inside the cage or why she was inside the cage, she made it clear they don't let anyone in the cage. >> her father told abc7 news he feared getting a call like there but he says it was his daughter's dream to work with big cats and this internship was a step toward getting a full time job at a bigger zoo. the zoo is closed to the public and officials will try to determine what may have caused
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the brutal attack. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> a local pet food company is doubling the reward to catch the person who poisoned a k-9 member of the richmond police department. period foot express headquartered in east oakland, is matching the $10,000 reward offered by two police unions. the police dog was poisoned at the home of the officer he partners with. guns were stolen from the home, as well, and the officer's family dog died after it was also poisoned. ought man charged with stealing a lux i didn't rate and running it aground is preparing his defense from the san mateo county jail. the other two were arrested and they is been released. the 63-year-old has pleaded not guilty to grand theft, receiving stolen property, and vandalism accused of stealing the 82' yacht and damage it on the shoreline. the others taken off the boat, a 56-year-old woman and a
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54-year-old man did not know the yacht was stolen. >> our investigation convinced us they were unwitting and they understood him to have inherited the boat and they are witnesses at this point. >> the prosecution will hold the suspect liable for damages to the yacht which are estimated at 500,000 as well as the cost of the we coast guard recovery effort. >> the motorcade procession for the two officers and that starts at 8:45 but it could be around time when we start to have the chances of rain. mike? >> most of us will be dry but we will have the rain to the north. we will get the rain in the south bay during the afternoon hours. hopefully everyone can get there okay but getting back home, that is when you could get wet. seven-day outlook shows the northwest corner of sonoma where we have a few radar runs, with some drizzle and maybe a bit of light rain and you can see a wall of waterworking toward the
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north bay so if we see any showers in the morning commute this is the best area, and the rest of us are going to be dry. we have fog out there to con conditioned with and novato at three quarters of a mile. ize lated showers in the north bay through the morning. showers build in the rest of our neighborhoods headed to lunch. our best chance of showers is in the afternoon and early evening. temperatures will hang out in the upper 40's at the coast and low-to-mid 50's for the rest of us. tomorrow, the system pulls out with dry air and sunshine rolling in. then the temperatures are back to arrange on saturday and warmer-than-average away from the coast on sunday. >> mike? >> to the san mateo bridge if you go from hayward to foster city you are looking at a nice drive with tail lights on the flat section to the high-rise over to san mateo area, everything is moving at the limit at 14-minute drive from hayward across the bay.
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we still have an accident partly blocking the off-ramp, this is southbound 880 at 98th and oakland they are waiting for a tow truck. now the commute from the central valley you will find slow traffic from 205 to the altamont pass and it picks up through the livermore area. to the south bay this is road work at south 880, 237, to the great mall parkway until 7:00 a.m. kristen and katie? >> next, college students, they are all gearing up for spring break but there are uninvited guests in one state. >> hearing in washington that could have an nfl team searching for a new
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>> novato, oakland, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 5:14. the head of venezuela develop's presidential guard says chavez died of a massive heart attack of the tens of thousands marched through the streets of the capital alongside the casket yesterday. he is lying in state until the funeral tomorrow. the general was with him when the 58-year-old leader died on tuesday. the general says the final words were "please don't let me die." bay area residents can express their sympathies over his death at the venezuelan consulate in san francisco.
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any are making a book available for the public to sign through tomorrow. in south florida sharks caused officials to close benches in palm beach. look at these photos taken on tuesday by a of frommer with the palm beech daly news. you can see how close to the shore the sharks are. double red flags now flying at the beach warning swimmers to stay out of water. biologists say they are migrating north after spending the winter in the south atlantic and they have seen tens of thousands of them. today, a federal board will consider the long running battle over the washington redskins nickname. a group of native americans go before the trademark trial to argue that the redskins should lose the federal trademark protection because the nickname is so offenseive saying the law prohibits disreputable names. the redskins say this honors the
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indians. >> the federal reserve will release the results of the first bank stress test. the "wall street journal" reports after the markets closed today the fed will release data from what are known as the dodge frank test and show how the industry and banks look in stressful situations with more tests next week but the banks have argued the two part release could make it more volatile. i had to grab my coffee, i was desperate. >> we understand. everyone at home, it is early. now, mike will talk about the rain and when the shower could reappear. right now there are a few showers out there. in the north bay, a few scattered showers this morning, and you can see as the wall of water is near the coast it is
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running into sinking air with a possibility of light rain. in san francisco, dress for 47 degrees. oakland at 44. san jose, down in the south bay, 41. on the peninsula, palo alto, at 40. the north bay, mill valley, has 42 degrees. here is what will happen with the forecast cycle, more cloud cover than yesterday, and darker clouds, too, because they will have more moisture, and showers are on the increase during the afternoon and evening hours. dry air arrives tomorrow and another extended period of warm, dry weather and i don't see another chance of rain, possibly seven or eight or nine days out with temperatures above average for several days. >> our last low will rotate through this low pressure and the big bowl of cold air sitting over us so the last round pushing through today.
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here is the timeframe. 7:00 this morning, again, look at the coast. kind of quiet. but, still, moving offshore, some showers there, possibly a few stray showers in the north bay, and that is the case through the better part of the morning hours. then the showers develop, especially the closer you are to the coast, and down in the santa cruz mountains and the south by, the slows will come right along the coast and take a little bit of a less-hand turn into the monterey bay and that is why there is a better chance of heavy rain to the south and pulling arm overnight. we will wake up friday morning to fog and mainly dry and a small chance of a shower and the winds will come from the east and bumping up against the mountains in the north bay. very isolated chance up this. it is dry and we are off to the races with warmer weather tomorrow and the weekend. the santa cruz mountains will have up to three quarters of
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acknowledge inch -- of an inch. as you look at saturday, can you see we have the clock up there, spring forward, set your clock ahead an hour as we lose an hour of sleep with daylight savings begin. check the snow detector and carbon monoxide detector for new battery and look at all the warmth next week. >> the east shore commute from richmond and vallejo and into emeryville and macarthur maze it is looking good, and punched up at 580 merging at golden gate field but otherwise it is moving nicely. the commute from the antioch area, with some slow traffic along the stretch when you get to leverage, the traffic picks up in the pittsburgh and concord area. the funeral procession we have been talking about, the fallen officers, at santa cruz at 8:45
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and rolling closures and north 87 to h.p. pavilion where the service begins at noon. katie and kristen? >> coming up on 5:20. this is a tuna recall in bloomberg business report coming up. >> it took the world by storm, now an artist is
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our ocean spray are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie -- 'tis tasty. okay, george washington, did you take my truck out last night? 'tis tasty.
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>> there is a u.f.o. sighting by russell crowe in australia. according to the actor the footage shows a u.f.o. flying over the gardens with red light
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above the trees. he joins a number of u.f.o. witnesses who include jimmy carter and kucinich. >> there is something weird. is college enough to prepare you for the workforce? here is the bloomberg business report. >> in fashion, at jc penney they fired 1,500 store level department managers and merchandising staff after the company strategy of getting rid of sales and coupons backfired. the paper reports that the retailer is considering getting list of the mastermind of the strategy, former apple executive. a tuna recall from bumble bee involving five ounce tuna products. the company says in reports of illness. paying town $40,000 in tuition is not enough a growing number of graduates could fork out
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thousands in additional money for "bridge programs." the "wall street journal" says that the offer is to cram in extra field and prepare for corporate life at the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> time to get another check of the weather. dryer than yesterday. >> we hope it will stay that way until the morning commute. mike? >> i think so. we will be okay, possibly until noon but the rain is very close to the coast so at any time, maybe the coast gets drizzle with light rain and the higher elevations. we will take you down to the mountains south of monterey we have winter weather advisory at 2:00 this afternoon through 3:00 tomorrow morning at 2" to 5" of snow possible above 3,000'. in tahoe we have snow showers possible into the afternoon which will not hamper your travels like we had yesterday where we had white out conditions. best chance of rain is right
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along the coast to san diego but eureka is seeing a clearing trend. 35 in tahoe, los angeles and san diego in the low 60's. now the traffic. >> thanks, mike, and happy thursday to everyone. a minor delay here for cash-paying folks and otherwise traffic is slowing nicely into san francisco with no metering lights and everything is looking good. going back out of antioch we are fining slow traffic as you make your way to railroad avenue and it picks up after that in the concord area. now, a look at the central valley commute, it is slow and jamming up to 2305 and it picks it over the altamont pass. >> the cardinals continue to meet at the vatican this week to prepare for the conclave that will choose the new pope. some bluff we could have a new pontiff next week.
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jimmy kimmel shows us the top choices. >> you can bet. the favorite is turkson from ghana at 11-4 and then after that, is the stallion archbishop, with the odds 3-1. being pope is good, you get a big house, a butler, a car named after you, it is a lot like being batman. it airs weeknights here on abc7 news following abc7 news at 11 and then "nightline." >> gangnam has a new life as a cart teen each page hand drawn with the artist recording the result as he slipped through. it shows korean rapper and the video has 1.3 million views on
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youtube the. >> the harlem shake flip book is next. you know that. >> two months have passed since the grounding of boeing 787 dreamliner and the announcement expected soon as questions on the safety of the plane continue. >> in santa cruz the beachside community is ready for a final community is ready for a final goodbye for two fallen police [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> from the live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, good morning, everyone, i am katie marzullo here for eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. we have full coverage on the santa cruz police officers' memorial but right now we will get you started with the weather forecast. mike? >> there are showers offshore but the key is they are offshore. here is live doppler 7 hd, we will see how far they are, 50
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miles from san rafael and 35 miles from petaluma, rather, 50 minutes from san rafael, and, say, 30 miles from guerneville. as we put this if motion they are coming up and they are falling apart. stray shower is possible this morning. the closer you are to the north bay coast, otherwise, it will be a dry commute. today is the opposite of yesterday. we are starting off dry with the showers building in the afternoon hours unlike yesterday when they tapered. showers the be around the bay, low-to-mid 50's and the least likely area to see showers and the east amount of rain is inland, especially the east bay, mid-to-upper 50's with the most showers along the coast and low-to-mid 50's. >> in san jose north 87, this is going to be a lot busier this morning and this afternoon with the fallen officers funeral with rolling closures from santa cruz north 17 on 85 southbound, on north 87 along this stretch, as
5:29 am
well, as they move toward the h.p. pavilion for the service at noon. elsewhere right now we have an accident cleared in oakland that is now gone and road work southbound 680, that will be picked up shortly. kristen and katie? >> thank you. a somber morning in the bay area as the santa cruz police department prepares to lay to rest two of their own. the officers were shot and killed last week, the first lost in the department's history. cornell bernard is live in santa cruz where the procession will begin. >> they are ready to honor and say goodbye to two fallen heroes today in santa cruz. in a few short hours, this parking lot near the beach boardwalk will be full of police officers from around santa cruz county and the c.h.p., it is where they will gather for a motorcade procession to san jose for a public salute to honor detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and elizabeth butler. they were killed by an armed
5:30 am
suspect on february 26. last night, many paid their respects at a public vigil. the flag-draped caskets of the officers are a moving tribute to them. they were loved and respected here in this community. >> it is a big loss for our community. i am just, wherever i go i can feel the sense of sadness. it is time to get our community back. >> a police motorcade procession will leave for the memorial going at 8:45 great the beach boardwalk headed north on highway 17, and traveling south on highway 85, and north on 87 to h.p. pavilion in san jose. we are told that hook-and-ladder fire trucks from santa cruz and cal fire are staged all over the procession from santa cruz to san jose flying american flags, a fitting tribute to the officers killed in the line of
5:31 am
duty. we are live in santa cruz this morning for abc7 news. >> when the procession ends at h.p. pavilion in san jose, you can expect a huge attendance from police officers and the public to state officials and at least one celebrity. amy hollyfield is live to continue our coverage. amy? >> the san jose mayor says his city will offer a helping hand to visitors from santa cruz today as they come here to green. here is a look need the h.p. pavilion they have decided to have it here, were forced to have it here because they expect so many people. this was the closest and largest place they could find. some people are saying it could be up to 18,000 to 20,000 mourners here with officers expected to come from across the country. here is the schedule for the morning. 8:45 the procession leave santa cruz, it should arrive to h.p. pavilion between 10:30 and 11:00
5:32 am
11:00 is when the guests the arrive. at 12:00 noon the memorial service will start. here are some of the big aniaries expected to be here including governor brown, attorney general harris, former defense secretary panetta, and democratic congress sam farr and american idol contestant who is a santa cruz native will be here to perform. the c.h.p. is expecting traffic delays after the service as people head back to santa cruz in the afternoon commute. they are encouraging drivers to plan for that and to be patient. it will be a sad day. >> today's memorial is open to the public. if you would like to go and need help getting there you have some options. santa cruz metro is offering bus vouchers for the ride over the
5:33 am
hill on highway 17. if you need one go to abc7 news and look under "see it on tv." caltrain and amtrak offer free rides to law enforcement personnel with a stop across the street from the help pavilion. if you want to stay in santa cruz you can watch it live at kaiser permanente arena at 10:00 this morning when it opens and you can park free at depot park. well carry the service live from the pavilion here open abc7 news starting with our midday news at 11 a.m. and we will stream the service on abc7 news. this morning, investigators are trying to find out why a 24-year-old volunteer intern who was attacked and killed by a lion yesterday, was inside we that big cat's help closure. the woman was working at project survival cat haven sanctuary 45 miles eat of fresno. this is video of the african
5:34 am
lion. when authorities arrived they found her severely injured. the founder of the haven said they were unable to lure the lion away from the body. >> the lion was shot and killed over safety protocols. our thoughts and prayers go out to our friend and family and to her family at this time in this trying time. >> she died at the seen. officials are trying to determine what might have provoked the mauling and whether the sanctuary protocol was followed. >> and in san jose there was another homicide, a hand was found stabbed to death. investigators were looking for evidence at oak grove park yesterday. the man was in his late teens or 20 and was stabbed several times. police thing he die add few hours before the body was discovered. >> this morning a judge will rule on a motion to dismiss or reduce a felony manslaughter charge against a cyclist who hit
5:35 am
and killed a 71-year-old pedestrian in march. the defense attorney argued that the surveillance video shows that 36-year-old was already in the intersection when the light turned red. yesterday, three witnesses testified that he ran the red light. >> walnut creek police are asking for help in identifying a bank robber caught on camera. the man held up the chase bank around 2:00 yesterday, and police say he handed a note to the teller demanding money. they say he is? his 30's, about 5' 10" with a goatee with a tan, striped dress shirt and glasses. thin with information should contact walnut creek police. >> rebound is set to sign the newly reauthorized violence against women act this morning. the house-passed expanded measure brings gays, lesbians, and transgender people, and native americans under their protection. the legislation authorized
5:36 am
funding for programs that help victims and prosecutors of domestic violence cases. there are new provisions on staking covering use of spyware and video surveillance equipment. >> we expect new details in a few hours on the grounded boeing 787 dreamliner. this morning the national transportation safety board is giving an update on its investigation after battery fires aboard two boeing 787 dreamliners. they are waiting for the f.a.a. to clear their proposed fix for a battery program and the f.a.a. will not give the green light to fly this will they are sure the batteries are safe. the dreamliner was grounded in january days after debuting in san jose the. >> someone in the east bay could be waking up a multi-millionaire and not even know it. a super lottery plus ticket with six numbers matching was purchased in walnut creek at the heather farm shell gas station
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and is worth...$33 million! these are winning numbers: one, two, three, 22, 34, and 48. it will take six to eight weeks before the winner will receive the winnings. check your tickets. >> most people do the automatic pick, when i see the numbers i see, would i have picked those numbers? i never would have picked that. >> and now mike, what is going on? >> six to eight weeks of vacation. >> mike, don't think you will forget about auntie kristen and auntie katie. >> i would give you something if putting up with me for six years. >> here is a look at live
5:38 am
doppler 7 hd, that is where we will see any chance of some of the rain showers coming ashore in the north bay over the next couple of hours. most of us will have a dry commute. we will talk about temperatures. they are on the peninsula all the way counsel to mountain view and the south buy five to nine degrees cooler. the east bay is 10 to 16 degrees cooler to have a heavier coat when you step outside. take the wet weather gear. you will not need it this morning but you will need it by noon, and at least closer to the coast and by 4:00 and 7:00 that will march to the east. temperatures today are going to be near 50 at the coast and low-to-mid 50's for the rest of us. as we head to tomorrow, check out the sunshine, the dry push of air and slightly warmer, and we will get back to seasonal temperatures on saturday and most us away from the coast are above average in the upper 60's to low 70's. have a great day, everyone. >> good morning, everyone, if your drive takes you to
5:39 am
marinwood, beyond the north gate mall, here is a look at south 101, this is directly at the parkway to north san pedro road, to walnut creek we had early bright lights with metal in the lanes, southbound 680 at treat, that has been picked up and you may find residual slow traffic. elsewhere, we had road work out there in the lanes, southbound 880 from 237 to the great mall parkway in lanes until 7:00 this morning, and all mass transit is checking in on time. christian and katie? >> 5:41. the u.n. is ready to receive new strong sanctions against north korea today leading the country to make new threats against the united states. >> but, first, william bratton gets to work in oakland, what the top cop is saying about the controversial policy he w
5:40 am
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, 5:44. this afternoon, the lowell high school track team will wear green ribbons to honor a teammate killed last weekend in san francisco. the 17-year-old chang was hit
5:43 am
and killed before 11:30 on saturday night. the lowell track team decided to wear green rather than black for today's meet because it was her favorite color. the driver, 29-year-old, made the first court appearance yesterday but did not enter a plea. she is charged with manslaughter and felony d.w.i. after months of anticipation the new police consultant appeared in the city. brat were, a former head of police departments in los angeles and new york, is promising residents they will see some fast results in reducing a surge in violent crime. he says he will look at new ways to get assistance from state and federal law enforcement, the strategy includes improving the oakland's real time crime tracking computer system and he again endorsed the controversial police tactic known as stop and frisk. >> there is not a politician department in america that will be effective without it, it is a
5:44 am
basic tool of policing. >> we do this as part of what officers do but it has to be based on reasonable suspicion. >> he will return to oakland self times over the next flee months making his recommendations which the police department will then decide whether to accept. >> daylight savings begins on sunday and this morning, there is a new effort underway to have us spring forward a day earlier. mattress company says that too many people show up to work tired monday after daylight savings kicks in and the company is launching a petition on their facebook page urging lawmakers to switch it permanently if sunday to saturday morning. there are a few things you can do to adjust to the time change to minimize the pain. speakers recommend change the retune a few days ahead of time, each night, go to bed and get up 15 minutes earlier and move the alarm far away so that you have to get up. you cannot just snooze. >> i like going to bet earlier
5:45 am
part. >> the waking up earlier part? >> not sure about switching to saturday because the little league baseball games start an hour earlier and a mad rush to get to the games. how about the middle of the week and just mess anyone, how about wednesday? >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd the last three hours you can see the showers getting close to the north bay, a few sprinkles this morning for you, better chance of the showers after the morning commute. here is look at 680 through walnut creek you can see it is dry this morning, and we will move on and show you how beautiful the bay bridge looks again this morning as they kept the lights on, the ferry building and the embarcardero center, very gorgeous picture this morning. now, we will talk temperatures headed to downtown san francisco, it is 47, cooler in oakland at 42, and san carlos on the peninsula at 43, and san jose has 41 and the coast at
5:46 am
half moon bay is 43 and the coast, santa cruz at 41 degrees right now. look how cloudy it will be in the afternoon. showers are on the increase today. dry air is moving in tomorrow and another long dry spell with temperatures above average for the better part of it. you can see the big bowl of cold air, a trough of low pressure we find unsettled weather in the atmosphere and we have the little ripples of energy rolling through. this is the last one. so, today's round is the last round as we talked about yesterday. usually the second round will be cooler, so the snow level down to 3,000 feet and we will have less moisture but a little more energy with them because they are colder so we can have small hail and maybe a clap of thunder. by noon, you can see the rain is starting to move inland, or move ashore and moves inland in the afternoon. the further you are to the east the least likely you are to get measurable rain with darker rain
5:47 am
on the plane and santa cruz mountains and the higher elevations around diabolo. by midnight it is pulling to the south and clearing overnight leads to fog formation inland. tomorrow, mostly it will be mostly sunny but a small shower is possible in the higher ill vacations in the north bay but so many of us do not live there. that is just a possibility if you see a dark cloud through north bay's wine country. up to quarter inch of rain possible until santa cruz mountains and quarter to three quarters of an inch. snow chance is sound of monterey. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures could be 10 to 15 degrees warmer by sunday and we will pack on another five degrees necessary week when we are in the 70's away from the coast. sue? >> we are going to san jose, north 17, this is beyond h.p. pavilion, where the fallen officer procession will end at
5:48 am
noon today, or end before that. the service starts at nine and you can expect rolling closures throughout the entire route. we do have a new accident just reported in san jose speaking of which it is north 101 at 13th and that is an injury accident on the shoulder and as i mentioned the fallen officer funeral row session will begin at 8:45 in santa cruz with delays north 17, south aye and north 87 to the h.p. pavilion with rolling delays through the morning. kristen and katie? >> new this morning, the united nations security council is expected to vote in a few hours on a u.s.-chinese draft resolution imposing the strong of the u.n. sanctions ever against north korea. it comes in response to north korea's latest nuclear test conducted last month. the ambassador susan rice expressed hope after introducing resolution this week that it would be approved unanimously.
5:49 am
north korea says the united states is trying to start a nuclear war. >> the cardinals arrived for another day of meetings today in rome waiting for a last colleague to join them before they decide win to begin the conclave. the cardinal from vietnam is expected to arrive today. the american cardinals in rome have canceled their popular daily briefings out of concern that details of the secret proceedings could be leaked. >> it is 5:51. head in the 6:00 hour, the bay area school district considering firing all of their prescribes -- principals and vice principals. >> and another set back for oscar pistorius. >> and facebook face lift, what to expect from the networking giant as they revamp the page users see when they first
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>> welcome back, when you log on to facebook, take a good look because it will change. there will be a new look today at menlo park headquarters. indications are that it will allow users to browse specific types posts such as photos are on music shared by others. the changes will address a frequent complaint from users that they is little control over what appears in their news feed. facebook debuts the news feed in
5:53 am
2006 and drew anger from those concerned about privacy. they made changes to ease those concerns. we will cover that today. >> 5:55 and mike nicco is on facebook with the weather. >> now, what is going on at 5:55 with showers offshore and all of us are dry. if you are headed out, to the south, the natural forest the higher elevations an the valley down there, we have winter weather advisory at 2" to 5" of snow possible, and starting at 2:00 today, through 3:00 tomorrow morning. now, a look at the forecast today, you can see the best chance of showers along the coast and scatter snow showers to the north and if you are headed there, 35 in tahoe and low 60's in southern california. >> san jose has injury accident not in the lanes, which is good news, and north 101 at 13th and you will find a little bit of slow track beyond that seen there but, otherwise, so far, the tow truck is in route and we have slow traffic out of antioch as you can see by the red line
5:54 am
as you move toward railroad average it picks up in the pittsburgh and concord area. >> new this morning, a south africa public relations company says they are dropping the representation of athlete, oscar pistorius. the family hired the firm to-tell media questions after police arrested the runner in the shooting death of his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp saying it is not linked to comments made by his father who told a newspaper that the south africa government has not done enough to protect whites from rising crime. oscar pistorius claims he shot reeva steenkamp by accident thinking she was an intruder. >> new york city is a noisy place and the mayor is trying to turn down your personal noise and launching a quarter million dollar campaign to warn teens, particularly, they risk losing their hearing from listening to music players with their earphones with volume way up.
5:55 am
they can cause permanent hearing damage. this is the latest public health campaign following attacks on cigarettes and soda. >> next, at 6:00, credit cards offer great deals for vacation but which is best for you? consumer reports teams up with 7 on your side to find owe. >> the father of a woman killed by a lion in the central valley speaks out about the stunning tragedy. >> and santa cruz is ready for a final goodbye to two fallen police officers.
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, santa cruz is ready to say good by to two fallen officers killed in the line of duty. that is our top story.
5:58 am
good morning, i am katie marzullo here for eric thomas this morning. >> i am kristen sze. we will have full coverage on that much of coming up but, first, we will get you started with more showers coming your way. >> we are tracking them with live doppler 7 hd. this is off the tip of point reyes and what we are seeing is these are coming toward the coast, and falling apart a little bit. the best radar runs are over the ocean where we have the greatest instability with the cold air over the warmer ocean water, warmer than land right now so we have more stable air over the land. if we have showers for the commute it will be mostly in the north bay. first, an the bay it is mostly cloudy and friction. by noon it will become wet with 55 degrees and showers and isolated thunder is possible with small hail and temperatures handing out in the mid-50's with showers in the evening hours and evening commute will be harder than our morning commute. it is die inland and 37 degrees under clouds, and the clouds are dark by noon. a few stray showers are possible and the best chance if showers
5:59 am
is from 4:00 to 7:00 and we will hang out not low-to-mid 60's and best chance of thunder along the coast with showers and a few of them by 7:00 along the north bay beaches, better than from noon to 7:00 with temperatures has been out in the upper 40's to near 50 degrees today. >> we have first reports of an accident in berkeley, westbound 80, supposedly four vehicles on the right shoulder involved and the traffic is stacked up. elsewhere, we have an accident still in the lanes in san jose. this is 101 at 13th in the northbound direction in the clearing phases. and checking mass transit all is on time and because of the funeral procession in san jose, lines 22 and 5222 will be rerouted to minimize the